June 04, 2020Posted by NameBrand


I wonder how long it takes redsand to notice this page is out of date and could use some refreshing.

Welcome to TX2600

June 04, 2020Posted by redsand


The Dallas 2600 group meets on the first Friday of every month at 7:00PM located at the Wild Turkey (directions). If you happen to get there early, you might look for some geeks on the patio. That's us. Come over, sit down, and introduce yourself. After the meeting, there is usually an after party hosted somewhere.

Mailing List

June 04, 2020


Join our mailing list by sending an e-mail to the list at 214_subscribe [at NO spam] tx2600.info with the subject of 'subscribe'.


June 04, 2020


Join us online using internet relay chat (IRC) on the server irc.2600.net #tx2600